Sunday Worship


We gather Sunday mornings at 10:45 AM for our Morning Worship Service. See below for more details about what we do in this special time of worship.

Why We Gather:

“Declare his glory among the nations, his wonders among all peoples….Say among the nations “The Lord reigns!” (Psalm 96). Because of the death and resurrection of Christ on behalf of sinners, we who have trusted in him as our Savior, are able to enter confidently into the presence of God and worship him forever. Therefore, we gladly gather together to worship our great and matchless God!

What to Expect When We Gather:

We talk a lot about Jesus and the work of God in the gospel, which is the message of good news of salvation for everyone who doesn’t know God and the message of strength for those who do. Below are a few common questions that may help you as you plan your visit to our church.

What Do you Have for My Kids?

We offer programs for kids up through 4th grade. We have a nursery for infants up through 2 years of age, beginner church for kids 3 years old through Kindergarten, and junior church for kids in 1st – 4th grade. If you would like your child to be in the nursery or beginner church, we would love to check them in and help you drop them off in the right areas prior to the start of the service. More info on where the nursery and beginner church are located can be found at the welcome center. Junior church kids are dismissed before the sermon and your child is welcome to join the others as they make their way to junior church.

What We Sing?

The music we sing is Christ-exalting, God-glorifying, and Scripture-saturated. We prioritize the singing of the congregation in exalting Jesus in joyful praise and in response to His love for us. We also believe that there are many songs from various times in history that both honor God and build up the church. In light of this, it isn’t uncommon to hear a song from the 1600s in the same service with a song from recent years.

What Should I Wear?

Dress tends to be business casual, so you’ll see anything from jeans to suits. Regardless of what you wear, your relationship with God is far more important than what you wear to our services.

Who will be there?

The people who attend our church are from multiple generations and backgrounds. Who we are is not defined by our age or background, but by our identity in Christ. That is what unites us as we gather for worship. 

What We Do In Our Gathering:

  • We Sing: Our primary purpose in singing is to glorify God and reflect His character (1 Cor. 10:31; Col. 3:16). We sing throughout our service songs that help stir us up to consider who God is and what He has done through Christ on our behalf. 
  • We Read: In each service we read the Word of God together as an expression of our confidence in God’s written revelation. Often the passage read pertains to what will be preached later on in the service. 
  • We Give: Because God has lavished his grace upon us undeserving sinners like us, our hearts respond in thankfulness to this gift by wanting to give in return. We have offering boxes at the back of the auditorium that we utilize for giving during these times. 
  • We Receive the Word: We believe God gives life through the Scriptures (Ezekiel 37). Because of this we dedicate an extended time to hearing and receiving the preaching of God’s Word.